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 Although I had several important experiences before pursuing a legal career—including as a FEMA crisis counselor and a teacher—my time in the United States Marine Corps is by far the most impactful part of my past. I spent four years in active military service, serving as a communications center supervisor in the Pacific region. As I reflect on my time in the military, there are four key lessons that I still carry with me in my work today.

1. My military service improved my drive and work ethic.

When I was 18, I wasn’t sure what to do with my career and was searching for something that would give me a strong foundation in my life. That search led me to the Marines, where I soon became much more focused on objectives and goals.

Thanks to the military’s discipline, I was no longer wandering aimlessly through life. I began planning for my future and I saw the steps I could take to get there. If you’re reading this and where I was in life, I’d recommend considering enlisting. At the very least, you’ll get training and a wealth of information on life that will serve you well in or out of the military.

As an attorney today, I reap the benefits of my decision to enlist. I have the drive and the organizational skills to effectively fight for my clients. And I have the motivation and the discipline to accomplish my career goals.

2. It taught me the importance of values like service and honesty.

Though I’m no longer in the military, I still consider myself a public and community servant. I see how my work can change my clients’ lives and that is something that keeps me going.

In the Marines, we had beliefs and core values that impacted every aspect of our work. Some of those values—like credibility and honesty—are things I practice to this day as a lawyer. I am transparent with my clients and educate them about all aspects and options in their case, whether it’s a family or criminal law situation.

I also try to give back by reaching out to military veterans and active-duty soldiers with offers of my legal services. I know that they come home from warzones and deal with stress so many of us will never understand. This can impact their lives, their families and their mental health, so I try to serve them—and all my clients—with everything I’ve got. 



3. It exposed me to a diverse group of people.

When I first joined the Marines, I completed boot camp at Parris Island in South Carolina, then went to San Bernardino County, Calif., for specialty training. Even though I was still in the United States, I got to meet people who had not grown up in the South. I got to know people from everywhere and had a wider perspective on life.

During my various deployments, I was able to spend time in several Asian countries, including Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. It gave me the chance to see what the rest of the world was like. I saw people who were living in poverty worse than I’d ever seen but were grateful for what they had.

I think these experiences, both at home and abroad, impact me every day. They’ve given me perspective on what’s important in life. And I learned why it matters to fight for people who are not in the best situations in their lives, whether they’re dealing with a divorce, a criminal case or any other legal predicament.

4. It made me a fighter.

Lastly, serving in the military ensured that I’m never going to be exhausted by a good fight.

When I enlisted, there weren’t many women in the Marines, so I really had to develop a special drive and ambition to never give up or stop fighting for what I know is right. And even in my work today, you don’t meet female attorneys often.

This translates to my work for clients. I listen to, learn about and fight for them. My fighting spirit comes from a place of compassion for the people I serve.

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