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Land Trespassing: What You Need to Know After an Arrest

Land Trespassing: What You Need to Know After an Arrest

Being arrested for trespassing can be an awful experience. Whether you knowingly crossed a boundary on someone’s personal property or stepped onto another’s land unintentionally, the consequences of trespassing are significant. Unfortunately, trespassing laws and...

What is Simple Assault?

What is Simple Assault?

Don’t be deceived by the name, simple assault, sometimes known as general assault, is a serious charge and can carry substantial legal consequences. It is contrasted with felony or aggravated assault, which typically involves a weapon and serious bodily harm.  Simple...

What are Mississippi’s Medical Marijuana Laws?

What are Mississippi’s Medical Marijuana Laws?

In January 2022, Mississippi passed the Medical Cannabis Act, which created a legal medical cannabis program in the state. Here’s what you should know about Mississippi’s medical marijuana laws.

What Happens if I’m Caught with a Fake ID?

What Happens if I’m Caught with a Fake ID?

Did you know that nearly 32.5% of college students admit to owning a fake ID during their school years? So when you send your under-21-year-old child to college, or they move out of the nest, possession of a fake ID can cost you and your kid more than just a fine. How...

Minor in Possession: What Parents Should Know

One of the most common charges made against young people in the United States is a minor in possession (MIP) charge.  It’s a serious charge that could have financial consequences, as well as detrimental effects on your child’s future, including severe academic...

An introduction to bail and bonding companies

How is the amount of bail a defendant must pay determined? If you are ever arrested, you may be required to “post bail” in order to be released. But what does that mean and how does that work? Here’s a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about bail....

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