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As someone with a wide range of of experience in and out of the legal field, Amy Pietrowski approaches law with a unique perspective, stemming from her experiences as a woman, mother and active mentor. In the Q&A to follow, you can learn more about the woman behind your case, Amy Pietrowski, her story and her approach to the legal profession.

Are there any challenges you face that are unique to women in this traditionally male-dominated field?

Unfortunately, I have noticed that female attorneys do not have access to the same networking opportunities as male attorneys. Female attorneys are often restricted to their office or home, having to prioritize raising their children while also meeting the time constraints that go hand in hand with practicing law. Male attorneys have an abundance of networking opportunities outside of the office ranging from playing golf to playing cards. At those activities, they are able to create a bond and establish a sense of camaraderie with their fellow male attorneys. I know I always look forward to any networking opportunities I get and have made it a priority to mentor and guide other female attorneys wherever I am practicing law in an effort to overcome this obstacle.

What advice would you give to young women pursuing a career in law?

There are two pieces of advice I’d want to give them. If you’re a young woman who is just starting out, try to shadow an attorney in the beginning. It is very important to see for yourself if this is a profession that you are passionate about before investing all of your time, energy and money into getting your law degree. If you are in law school or have already graduated, I implore you to find a mentor and build those relationships with other female attorneys that are above you. Those mentors will lift you up and offer guidance in a career that can be so full of stress and pressure.



Why did you decide to lead your practice with a personable, family-like approach?

A compassionate approach to law, especially in my area of expertise, is something that is really, really needed. I want to minimize my presence as an intimidating source of authority in the legal field and cultivate a relationship with my client that is built on trust. With trust, the client can begin to have a closer relationship with me and open up about their struggles, allowing me to shoulder a bit of their burden. With that as our foundation, we can begin to make those important decisions together that are characteristic of many court cases.

Have you had an experiences before you were an attorney that have helped you advocate for children and families in the courtroom?

Before I was an attorney, I was brought into the courtroom on multiple occasions with my previous husband as a revenge and bullying tactic. Being in that vulnerable situation gave me the empathy and drive to go to law school and fight for those that are experiencing the same thing I was. I’m now able to empathize with many of the clients that I work with.

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