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Q: I’m about to get married and I have more savings and annual income than my partner. I’m in love and expect this marriage to last forever, but I also don’t want to get caught in a bind if the worst happens. What advice do you have on the importance of a prenuptial agreement and how to go about creating one during the wedding planning process?

If you are planning to get married and have accumulated wealth and want to protect what you have earned from your future spouse should the marriage end in divorce, then a prenuptial agreement drafted by an attorney is worth considering. In Mississippi, any assets earned prior to a marriage risk being divided upon a divorce should they become marital property. A prenuptial agreement protects those assets that you have earned prior to the marriage. But it can also provide a level of protection on the accumulation of assets during the marriage. This type of agreement is helpful for a smooth transition to a divorce and in most cases can eliminate the long drawn out fight over property; as this agreement will address those issues as well prior to the marriage.

As seen in the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal’s “Ask a Professional.” 

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