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Is an “alienation of affection” lawsuit something that holds up in court?

Mississippi is one of only a few states that provide a monetary relief for a spouse wronged by a third party interfering and causing the destruction/divorce of a marriage. To win an alienation of affection lawsuit one must prove there is wrongful conduct of the third party, a loss of affection or consortium, and a causal connection between the conduct and the loss.

There is a general three-year statute of limitation to bring such a claim. The claim begins when the affections of the husband/wife are alienated by the third party

A very interesting case to read is Jerry Fitch v. Johnny Valentine, which was decided April 19, 2007 by the Supreme Court of Mississippi, which affirmed that when Johnny lost his Valentine (no pun intended) the jury was proper to award him $754,500 and interest in the amount of 8% per year and all court costs

As seen in the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal’s “Ask a Professional.” 

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