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About amy Pietrowski

Attorney Amy Pietrowski brings to your case a passion for advocacy and a wealth of experience, both inside and outside the courtroom.

  • United States Marines Corps Veteran
  • Former FEMA crisis counselor
  • Former English intervention teacher for at-risk youth
  • Recognized by the state of Mississippi for exemplary hours provided of pro-bono legal services in the local community
  • “2017 Most Influential Woman” by Mud & Magnolias Magazine
  • Member, American Association of Premier DUI Attorneys
  • 2021 Best Divorce Lawyers in Memphis, Expertise
  • Licensed in Mississippi & Tennessee

Our advocacy

Through their role as legal representatives, attorneys have great potential to impact the lives of their clients. We take seriously the responsibility to advocate for our clients’ rights and uphold the highest possible standards in our legal practice.

hiring a lawyer

Feel confident in your choice for legal representation. Schedule a consultation today.

Do I need to hire a lawyer?

While this question depends on your situation, we highly recommend that if you are even considering this question that you meet with a lawyer. A consultation with a lawyer can help you make the right decision for your situation. During your consultation with a lawyer, he or she can listen to your current situation and tell you what your case will entail and what the future of your case looks like — with or without a lawyer.

What can a lawyer do that I can not?
Most people are not sure what exactly a lawyer can do to help them in their situation. If you do not completely understand the legal scope of your situation, it is probably best to hire an attorney. Doing so ensures you are treated fairly and get the most out of your case.

In addition to ensuring you receive the maximum benefits in your case, or eliminating fines and/or jail times, a lawyer can also handle the paperwork and communications involved in your case. In the same way a translator would help you navigate a foreign country, an attorney guides you in navigating the complex legal environment.

How can I find a good lawyer?
A good lawyer is a lawyer that works to get the benefits you deserve under the law. A consultation with a lawyer is a good way to “get a feel for” a lawyer. During this initial meeting, you should get the feeling that you can trust the attorney to look out for your best interest. They should have concern for your situation and empathize with what you are going through. This is a great time ask questions of the attorney. If the attorney does not address your questions, you may want to find representation elsewhere.
How much does it cost to hire a lawyer?
The cost of hiring a lawyer can vary based on the complexity of your case. However, most lawyers have set costs for certain cases (for example a set cost for an irreconcilable differences divorce, or a set cost for a first offense DUI). If you decide to hire a lawyer, you will also have to pay their retainer fee. This signifies the beginning of your relationships and the legal start to the exchange of the service they will provide to you. The retainer allows your attorney to get to work right away on your case, as they are able to bill against your retainer for their work.


dui charges

"I received a D.U.I. other in Lee County while on probation which Amy fought against and was able to get dismissed on a technicality. Then within three months I again was charged with a subsequent offense in Pontotoc County and was charged with D.U.I. and Amy was also successful in getting that dismissed.

It really does matter which attorney you select, and I couldn’t recommend a better one than Amy."


multiple traffic violations

"Attorney Amy Pietrowski was responsive and quick to take appropriate action. She provided me with wise counsel and good guidance. I received a speeding ticket, a tint violation, and no insurance and live out of state. Amy was able to get all the offenses dismissed and my appearance in court wasn't even required. Highly recommend her! Great job!!!!"

–JB/ Arkansas


“Amy was very attentive to my feeling uncomfortable as this was my first DUI offense. She took my call and texts promptly and did not drag my case out. She was fantastic. I highly recommend her.”

–Anonymous Avvo Review

Custody case

“Amy is not only a caring and professional attorney, but she is dedicated and will bring results to your case. I cant thank her enough for getting me custody of my little girl. Will continue to use this attorney for any future needs. I highly recommend for anyone that needs a good attorney that will fight for their case.”

– E.R

traffic violation

“Ms. Pietrowski was so helpful in handling a traffic case for my son. He was visiting from out-of-state and received a traffic citation. Amy answered her call and was wonderful to work with. She addressed all of our questions and concerns and helped us through the stress of dealing with an issue from several states away. I cannot recommend her and her firm enough. Awesome!"

– RJ

professional, caring and knowledgeable

"Attorney Pietrowski is one of the shining examples of professional, caring and knowledgeable attorneys. She listened, advocated and kept me informed throughout the proceedings of my case. I am very pleased with the quality, responsiveness and extensive legal expertise of Attorney Amy Pietrowski."

–CR/ Memphis TN

cdl violation

"Attorney Pietrowski served my legal needs efficiently. She personally emailed and called me when there were any changes or updates with my case. When it came time for trail, Attorney Pietrowski was well prepared and had all my citations dismissed, no longer jeopardizing my Bus Driver Licensing."

–JD/Memphis TN

cdl violation

"I was ticketed during the scope of my employment and with the help from Attorney Pietrowski she was able to have all my charges dismissed resolving any potential employment issues."


speeding violation

"My speeding violation was dismissed as a result of Attorney Pietrowski knowledge of procedural techniques. I highly recommend Pietrowski Law Practice for your legal needs!"


youth court

"My child was involved in an altercation in school and she was facing a DeSoto County Youth Court charge of a Delinquent Child or Child in Need of Supervision with an additional charge of simple assault. We retained attorney Amy Pietrowski and she was quick to get involved and with her legal representation was able to get our case dismissed. We had never been involved with the Youth Court and with Amy's assistance we had a clear understanding of what to expect each step of the way. You can't go wrong when you retain Amy!"


public drunk

"I was charged with Public Drunk and Failure to Obey the Lawful Command of a Police Officer in Lafayette County, Mississippi. Amy worked very hard on my behalf and was able to get the Failure to Obey dismissed and the Public Drunk charge off my record as well through her diligence. As a result, I can move forward with my life knowing these offenses are not part of my permanent record as I graduate from college."


dui and other traffic violations

"I have never been in trouble before and was facing multiple traffic offenses and criminal charges. I was charged with a D.U.I. far above the legal limit, no insurance, a seatbelt violation, careless driving, and open container in Prentiss County. I knew I faced a lot of jail time and Amy was able to fight for me and get all the charges dismissed but the D.U.I. charge (which despite the other alcohol offenses I was still offered probation); keeping it off my permanent record and me out of jail. I was so thankful to have her on my side!"


possession of marijuana, alcohol, no insurance

"I am highly regarded in my local community and had made several very poor choices and was pulled over while driving and charged with possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of alcohol, and no insurance. I didn’t know where to turn but liked that Amy had been a United States Marine soldier and trusted her to defend me. Amy went to court and was able to fight and defend my case and based on the law argued - all the charges were dismissed!"


speeding ticket

I was charged with speeding in Oxford, Lafayette County and Amy was able to get this dismissed. I was extremely happy with her representation and her attentiveness to my phone calls concerning my legal defense.

– J.D.

following too closely violation

"I was charged with following too closely in Tippah County, Mississippi, and I live out of state. My attorney fought for me and I wasn’t required to actually appear in court, saving me both time and money. Amy was able to get the charge dismissed keeping it off my driving record and my insurance didn’t change as a result of her defending me! Very thankful for the outcome."



"I am a young father who couldn’t afford an attorney to fight for custody. Amy was able to negotiate on my behalf my visitation rights so I could see my son without a huge expense, or courtroom drama. This attorney was very talented in reaching an agreement and keeping this from escalating into a custody battle."


speeding, careless driving and other traffic violations

"I was charged with a speeding ticket, no insurance, careless driving, reckless driving, I also hold a Commercial Driver’s License. I live in Florida and by retaining Amy as my attorney I did not have to drive back to appear in Court. Amy was able to keep the offenses off my record enabling me to keep my CDL and my job. There is no better attorney than Amy Pietrowski."


speeding ticket & cdl

"I was charged with speeding and I live out of state and drive a school bus. I could not afford to lose my job, nor come back to court. I hired Amy and she successfully got the speeding ticket dismissed. I highly recommend retaining her as your attorney."


child custody

"I hired Amy to modify a child custody order granting me sole custody of my child due to the conduct of the father. I thought we would have a long drawn out custody battle but Amy was successful in getting the case resolved swiftly while remaining very professional and diligent in ensuring the outcome would be to the best interest of my child. I would highly recommend her to anyone facing the same situation."


emergency custody

"My child's mother had allowed my son to be in a non-safe environment and I needed emergency custody. Amy was successful in obtaining emergency custody and getting my son out of a very harmful situation and in court within a day. I have maintained sole custody of my son and mother has restricted and supervised visitation permantly until she can prove to the court she has made the necessary improvements. I was extremely satisfied with the passion Amy displayed for me and my child! You need to hire this attorney!"


speeding violation

"My speeding violation was dismissed as a result of Attorney Pietrowski's knowledge of procedural law. I highly recommend Pietrowski Law Practice for your legal needs! Thanks - excellent job!!
– "L.K."

public drunk

"I was charged with Public Drunk in Lafayette County. I was a student at the time and had never been in any trouble before. Amy was knowledgeable and always available to meet with me to discuss any questions or concerns I had along the way.

With her skill, Amy was able to keep this off my record so I could move forward after graduation and gain employment in a career where this offense would not be conducive to maintaining employment - with both the education and career I have worked hard to obtain.

Trust Amy with your legal problems, she truly cares."

–Z.B. | Lafayette County, MS

DUI Lafayette County

Amy Pietrowski represented me in my criminal matter involving my DUI in Lafayette County. It was my first and I was terrified of the process and what would happen to me. Amy was easily available to answer my questions, and always returned my phone calls or correspondence. I felt like she truly cared.

She fought hard for me and explained what would occur in court and was able to resolve my matter quickly and keep it off my record.

I would highly recommend her as your DUI attorney!!

– L.R. | Lafayette County

DUI | No Insurance | Reckless Driving

"She was diligent and fought hard for me. She was able to keep all these charges off my record."
– J.A.

Lee County Court | Shoplifting

"I was charged with shoplifting at the city court and I hired Amy to appeal my case in the higher court. She met with me and heard all the facts and then was able to develop a strategy and defend my case and get it dismissed!"
– J.C.

Shelby County Court | Felony Assault

"I was charged with felony assault and Amy got it lowered to a misdemeanor assault and then defended me and kept it off my record."


Monroe County Justice Court | Speeding Violation

“I was charged with speeding violation and Amy got it dismissed.”


Bolivar County Justice Court | Speeding Violation, Insurance

“My charge was no insurance, speeding 30 mph over the limit and Amy Pietrowski was successful in keeping it off my record.”


Lafayette County City Court | DUI

“I was charged with a DUI and was very satisfied with Amy's defense and her ability to get it dismissed.”


Tate County Justice Court | Stalking Charge

“My former girlfriend charged me with stalking and it didn't appear I was going to stay out of jail. Amy researched the caselaw and was able to successfully defend my case and get it dismissed.”


Lee County Justice Court | DUI, No Insurance, Traffic Violations

“I was charged with a DUI, No Insurance, and Failure to Keep in Proper Lane. It didn't look like good for me so I hired Amy and she was won a dismissal. Highly recommend her!”


Olive Branch Municipal Court | CDL Violation

“I received a ticket for Following a Non-Truck route and am a C.D.L. Driver. This ticket meant I was going to lose my job. Amy prepared my legal defense and we won a not-guilty verdict!”


Desoto County Southaven Justice Court | Second Offense DUI

“I had a second offense DUI charge and Amy was able to get it dismissed.”


Olive Branch Municipal Court | CDL Traffic Violation

Attorney Amy Pietrowski represented my violation of Disobeying a Traffic Control Device and I hold a CDL license and would have lost my job. She successfully tried the case and it was dismissed.


Winston County, MS | CDL and DUI

“Amy Pietrowski tried my DUI case, cross examined the officer revealing his lack of evidence and successfully allowed me to keep my CDL license and won the case with a not guilty verdict from the judge.”


Dedicated, real and honest

"Amy is not only a great attorney, she is also a wonderful person. Dedicated doesn't even scratch the surface of this tough-love lawyer. She is always quick to respond when you need something and communicates effectively when there are updates with your case. She shows what I feel is sincere empathy, but also keeps it real and honest. I appreciate her professional style and integrity- it works!"


Ask Amy

As seen in the Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal’s “Ask a Professional.”

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